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5 Simple Rules For How To Stay Creative And Focused On Life

How To Stay Creative And Focused
The creative life is not a linear journey to a finish line, it’s a loop, so find a daily routine, because today is the only day that matters.

Disconnect from the world to connect with yourself sometimes you just have to switch into airplane mode. With 5 simple rules for how to stay creative, focused, and true to yourself for life.

1.Forgiveness Yourself

Forgiveness Yourself

The important thing is to make it to the end of the day, no matter what. No matter how bad it gets, see it through to the end so you can get to tomorrow. Some days you just have to get rid of as best as you can. When the sun goes down and you look back on the day, go easy on yourself. A little self-forgiveness goes a long way. Before you go to bed, write down a list of what you want to get done tomorrow. Then forget about it. Hit the pillow with a clear mind. Every day is like a blank page: When you’re finished filling it, you can save it, 

you can crumple it up, or you can slide it into the recycling bin and let it be. 

2.Focus In Your Hobbies

Focus In Your Hobbies

We used to have hobbies; Now we have “side hustles.” As things continue to get worse in World, as the safety net gets torn up, and as steady jobs keep disappearing, the free-time activities that used to soothe us and take our minds off work and add meaning to our lives are now presented to us as potential income streams or ways out of having a traditional job.

3.No Corrupt Your Creative Practice. 

No Corrupt Your Creative Practice.

Money is not the only measurement that can corrupt your creative practice. Digitizing your work and sharing it online means that it is subject to the world of online metrics: website visits, likes, favorites, shares, reblogs, retweets, follower counts. It’s easy to become as obsessed with online metrics as money. It can then be tempting to use those metrics to decide what to work on next, without taking into account how shallow those metrics are. An Amazon rank doesn’t tell you whether someone read your book twice and loved it so much she passed it on to a friend. A stream count doesn’t equal an actual human being showing up to your live show and dancing.

4.Create Your daily diary

Create Your daily diary

We pay attention to the things we care about, but sometimes what we care about is hidden from us. I keep a daily diary for many reasons, but the main one is that it helps me pay attention to my life. By sitting down every morning and writing about my life, I pay attention to it, and over time, I have a record of what I’ve paid attention to. Many diarists don’t bother rereading their diaries, but I’ve found that rereading doubles the power of a diary because I’m then able to discover my patterns, identify what I care about, and know myself better.

5. Change Your Mind.

Change Your Mind

To have hope, you must acknowledge that you don’t know everything and you don’t know what’s going to happen. That’s the only way to keep going and the only way: to be open to possibility and allow yourself to be changed. 

You need a good place to have some ideas. Of course, to change your mind is to do some real thinking. Thinking requires an environment in which you can try out all sorts of ideas and not be judged for them. To change your mind.

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