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How We Can Create Habits that Make Our Lives Better.

How We Can Create Habits that Make Our Lives Better.

How we all can begin to live simpler, more meaningful lives. Too stressed or busy to make your dreams reality?

Don’t try—DO; Excuses are self-defeating; Believe you are a doer and achiever and you’ll become one; Build resiliency by reinforcing what you do rather than what you accomplish; Learn to ignore distractions that prevent you from achieving your goals; Become open to learning from your own experience and those around you; And more. We can create habits that make our lives better. 

6 Habits to make our lives better

1.Challenge Yourself to Workout

Challenge Yourself  to Workout

High-intensity interval training is a killer workout that uses quick interval exercises to pump up your heart rate and pack in both cardio and strength training. Think burpees, jumping jacks, squats, and lunges. By alternating between doing these moves at your fastest possible pace and a very slow pace, you gain the maximum benefits. Since all you need is your body, pick a routine from countless options online and do it in the solitude of your yard, garage, bedroom, or living room. Ready for an awesome challenge? Let’s do it!

2.Whip Up Your Favorite Food

Whip Up Your Favorite Food

Skipping out on social plans means rejecting pricey restaurant meals in favor of eating whatever you want. That’s where the concept of comfort food comes in, which means embracing the hearty and filling meals you loved as a kid—like spaghetti and meatballs, macaroni and cheese, meatloaf, and chocolate cake

Did you have an obsession with chicken nuggets? Could you never get enough of cheese pizza? Tonight’s the night for satisfying your inner kid by cooking your favorite homemade meal. Savor every delicious, stomach-warming bite.

3.Wake Up Earlier


Set your alarm for one hour earlier than usual. Getting out of bed might be a struggle at first, but there is a joy to be found in the stillness of the world around you before everyone has woken up. 

Whether you use the time to exercise, make a schedule for the day, or just sip a hot cup of coffee, you’ll be surprised how satisfying an earlier morning can be—and maybe even skip that snooze button more often.

4.Challenge Your Brain 

entrance exam

Even if it’s been years since you took a college entrance exam, or if you never took it in the first place, test your current knowledge and give your brain a workout by taking a free online practice SAT. Compare scores with a friend or partner if you want to add a little friendly competition to it.

5. Make Your Bed 

Make Your Bed

Start the day off with an accomplishment by taking five minutes to make your bed. It might seem small, but that’s also what makes it a great message to send to yourself: The little things in life can go a long way toward making you feel successful lives.

6. Take a Mental Health Day 

Take a Mental Health Day

Sometimes a day off from work or school is just what you need to heal your spirit in this lives. Whether you’re struggling with feeling burned out or just haven’t had a day to yourself in a while, there’s no shame in using the sick time you’ve been given to focus on relaxing and rejuvenating. Spend the day in the yard or on the porch enjoying nature, or stay in doing whatever you please. You’ll return feeling like a better version of yourself—ready to tackle whatever comes next in lives.

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