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7 Ways to Be More Productive

Be More Productive
Everyone wants to be more productive, to get more done in less time. But just speeding up your work isn’t the answer. It’s critical to make sure you’re getting the important work done, not just the urgent stuff.



Respect your priorities. Make sure you aren’t putting the priorities of others at the top of your list. 

Keep your priorities up to date. Things change; you can’t set your priorities once and then forget about them. 

Weigh your priorities against your available time and energy and schedule them where they fit best. Don’t waste your high energy times on low priority tasks.



Multitasking is very tempting because it makes you feel that you’re being extra productive. Each task you’re doing takes more time because your brain constantly switches gears. Save your multitasking for fairly brainless, routine tasks, ones where it’s safe to make a mistake. 



Are you truly the best person to do a specific job? Don’t try to do it all, especially if you can delegate to someone who can do it faster, better, and with less grief. By the same token, make sure you don’t delegate the tasks that you shine at. Know your talents and use them. 

4.Demands of Other People

Demands of Other People

Don’t get sucked into other people’s priorities for emotional reasons: wanting to be liked, wanting to avoid conflict, etc. 

 Avoid assuming that other people’s goals are more important or critical than your own. Be helpful, but not at the expense of your own goals.

5.Decision Making

Decision Making

Decide to decide. Realize that everything you do is the result of a decision, including inaction. Since you are already deciding, make active decisions instead. If you don’t make your own decisions, others will decide for you. You don’t want that. 

Ask yourself, what’s the worst that could happen if I make this decision? Then weigh that risk against the inconvenience, stress, and trouble of not making it.



Every new thing you add means more time from you. Strike a balance between keeping up to date and being productive. 

Will your current tools do the job adequately? Tools that serve multiple purposes are more efficient. The more complexity you add to a task, the greater the chance you won’t do it at all either because it’s too hard or you run out of time. Keep things as simple as possible while still getting the job done.

7.Acting, Not Reacting

Acting, Not Reacting

Reacting is easier than acting. Because you can always find something to react to. 

Carve out time to do at least one task that you initiate and that furthers your projects. Acting from your agenda gives you more control. So when you’re reacting, you’re usually working from someone else’s agenda. 

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