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Be You-Discovering Your Best Self


Ask yourself…are you truly whom you want to be? Is this the life you want? What can you change, today? How would you answer those questions? Think about your daily life. Are you thriving, or going through the motions? Are your days full of work, relationships, and activities that are true to your authentic self, or do you feel trapped on a treadmill of responsibility? If you dream of a better life, now is the time to turn your dream into reality.

Discovering Your Best Self

Discovering Your Best Self

No matter where you’re starting from, you could be starting from your lowest point—maybe you’re facing some of your biggest challenges to date—Or you might feel like you’re right now like life is just okay, but you know deep down that you want and deserve more. It could even be that your life feels pretty darn good overall, but you’ve got just one problem area that you know needs your attention, but you just haven’t found the right way to approach it yet. So you can both face and resolve those problems effectively. Whether you’re hoping to . . .



Honesty and integrity are the same—it’s all about doing the right thing, you won’t be able to connect with your Best Self. You may think you will align if you keep secrets. Secrets and shame can keep you from achieving positive outcomes in your life by tripping you up on the journey. So let’s agree the best way to move forward is by operating from a place of truth.

Your Social Life

Your Social Life

Are you able to be your Best Self in any social situation? Well, as you know, when you’re alone, when you’re with loved ones, and when you’re out living in the world. You might be surprised to learn that spending time engaging with other people can induce feelings of happiness, combat depression, and even increase your brainpower. People reap cognitive benefits from socializing. It is possible that as people engage socially and mentally with others, they receive relatively immediate cognitive boosts. That says a lot right there! How much time we spend socializing directly correlates to our happiness. Building time into your schedule for interacting with friends or family is important, and I would even argue that it will enrich your life when you make new friends along the way.

Sending Clear Messages:

Clear Messages

Is it possible that you are allowing something from your past to inform how you talk to people today? Are you acting out of fear or ego in some way? Sometimes people are so afraid that they won’t be heard, they create a self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s easy to fall into the trap of coming across as a know-it-all if you have fear around not being taken seriously. If you’re so focused on the message you want to convey that you forget to genuinely listen to someone else’s ideas, then your message is likely to be lost because you are offering no reciprocity.

No more some-days . . . only today! Be You.
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