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5 Little Ways to Love Yourself -The secret to happiness

Love Yourself

The secret to happiness is knowing yourself, and loving yourself for who you are. “How to Love Yourself…” gives you ways to approach loving yourself, and shares lessons you can use every day to make life better. Its message helps you along your journey into greater love and joy.

5 Little Ways to Love Yourself 



Make up your mind to love yourself. Decide that you will love yourself. Decide that you DO love yourself. The greater your resolve to admire yourself, the easier life will get. Do what it takes to fortify your decision. Leave messages of love and encouragement for yourself like sticky notes on your desk, emails you send to yourself notes in marker on your bathroom mirror. You may have to make your mind up a little bit at a time. Loving yourself is not a race. If you can make up your mind a little bit now, great! You will be able to do a little bit more tomorrow.



Forgive yourself_Forgive others_Forgive the world_Forgive whoever or whatever you need to forgive to let go and obtain greater personal freedom. 

Forgiving releases energies that can be very distracting or destructive. When you refuse to forgive or continue to hold grudges, you are not free. Any amount that you do not forgive, that is the amount you cannot love. Forgive and make room for emotion. What is forgiveness, and how does it work? Forgiveness starts with acknowledging that we all live in a very human world. It means recognizing that no one is perfect.

We are all human_We make poor choices at times_We hurt each other at times. That is a fact of life that will not change in your lifetime. 



Giving love to others can cultivate nurturing situations for you. When you are surrounded by peace and harmony, it will be easier to connect with yourself lovingly.  

When you see the examples of other caring people, it will help you understand love better. It will help you love yourself better. 

 Give service to others. You can give service to handicapped, children, elderly, animals, the less fortunate. Pick an activity or cause you can be part of one that will allow you to extend kindness, caring, and compassion to others.



Take a good look at your life. Are you using your best? Could you be making better choices judgment in certain situations? 

 This step is also about becoming aware of your choices, and why you are making them.

Maybe you are seeking love in some of the wrong places_Maybe you are in a certain situation because you fled from another_Maybe it feels like you jumped from the frying pan into the fire.

If you can step back and look at your situation, and how you got there, you can make more conscious decisions that will be far better than jerk reactions. Feelings of un-love can come because we keep making the same bad choices, and we beat ourselves over the head for it. You choose your destiny. Be strong. Whatever your situation, whatever path you are headed down, lift your head and look around. Decide that you are going to use wisdom and do what is best for you. It will feel good to know that you are on your side.



Happiness is an inside job, so is love. Your search for greater love and happiness are the same quest. The more you love yourself, the happier you will be. The happier you are, the more you will love yourself. If you seek to love yourself, then do what makes you truly happy. This is a tricky concept because we sometimes seek for happiness in the wrong places. Some individuals try to buy happiness with worldly possessions. Others seek happiness through extreme behavior such as substance abuse or thrillseeking. Still, others try to find another individual or individuals who will make them happy. The problem is that these are outside sources. 

Seeking for happiness outside of yourself will only be a detour on your route to experiencing real joy. Things will not make you happy. People will not make you happy. None of these outside sources will make you love yourself more. None of them create joy. 

Think to yourself – what makes you truly happy? Think of a time or times in your life when you have felt truly content with yourself, and with life. You probably felt connected with the moment, calm, at peace… 

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