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How to Be Happy: 8 Ways to Be Happier Today

Be Happy

What is it that makes you happy and contented? What does it take for you to feel that things are going well? how you can have a happier life? We’ve put together 8 different ways you can explore happiness in your own life through simple activities, thoughts, and actions.

1.Smile, Even if You Don’t Want To


Force yourself to smile. Try it; it’s not that difficult.
Use your smile to start a happiness epidemic. Smile at everyone, everywhere. You’ll feel happier, too, because your body responds to your smile, even if you are faking the grin. So fake it until you genuinely feel happy. Once you know it works, do it often.

2.Appreciate Yesterday, But Anticipate Tomorrow

Appreciate Yesterday, But Anticipate Tomorrow

You can never go back to previous moments. Once you have moved through them, they are forever gone. If some past event or encounter still bothers you, do what you can to process through it and let it go. Release it and instead focus on the present moment. Be mindful right now of where you are, who you are, and what you are doing. Paying attention to and being fully present in each moment of your life means you truly will be. That is the way to happiness.

3.Practice Tolerance

Practice Tolerance

When was the last time you tried to understand a bias you hold toward something or someone? Growing up, many people consciously and unconsciously absorb the biases of their family members, associates, friends, and peers. When you let go of intolerant biases and recognize and respect the beliefs of others, you are practicing tolerance. Consider one or more of the beliefs you still hold. Think for yourself. Using truth and fact, compassion and understanding, create a new lens for seeing bias.

4.Be the Friend You Want to Have

Be the Friend You Want to Have

If you are seeking loyalty and trust in your friendships or the romantic relationship you hope to have, first cultivate those qualities within yourself and then demonstrate them to others. In so doing, you become a magnet for exactly what you want. Although opposites do sometimes attract, you’ll most likely be happiest with a kindred spirit.

5.Practice Deep Breathing Throughout the Day

Practice Deep Breathing Throughout the Day

Calm the mind by breathing deeply five times from your belly like you naturally did when you were a baby. Stop the thought chatter and just “be.” Experience the present moment as it eternally renews itself in infinite diversity. To be mindful is to have an awareness of the moment without thinking or talking about it. By slowing the breath and thought, you experience tranquility and happiness.

6.Note the Little Things that Make You Smile

Make You Smile

Spite of the negative circumstances you may be dealing with, find little moments throughout the day to notice the things that, under ordinary circumstances, give you pleasure. Savor the gifts of sight, sense, taste, touch, and smell. They are working even as you deal with the crisis. Take comfort in simply noticing the blessings in the small things and short moments throughout the day.

7.Be Generous with Your Tips

Be Generous with Your Tips

You can feel happier knowing that your actions may change the ugly perception by some foreigners to a view that is friendly, caring, and generous. Be Generous.

8.Visualize Yourself Succeeding

Visualize Yourself Succeeding

What’s your primary personal goal? Is it to lose weight, spend less, or earn more money? Whatever it is, write out an affirmation for achieving it. For example: From now on at mealtimes, I will eat one-third less than my usual serving of food, and I will walk for a half-hour each weekday. Try to keep your affirmation succinct and to the point. That way, it will be easy to recall, and repeat it at least three times during the day. The more specific your affirmation, the more effective it will be in helping you attain your goal.

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