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Be Happiness-5 Ways On Managing Yourself

Managing Yourself

Happiness is already here at this moment, just waiting to be discovered! small, creative ways to shift your perspective and uncover surprising bits of joy for your day. Whether you’re making dinner, commuting, exercising, working at the computer, or brushing your teeth, every moment of your life offers an opportunity to uncover happiness. 

1.Begin Again

Begin Again

Happiness Baby Pose is a yoga posture that calms our thoughts and reduces stress and fatigue. Lie on your back with bent knees and point the soles of your feet toward the ceiling, letting your thighs splay comfortably at 45-degree angles to the floor. Hold your big toes with your thumb and first finger, or hold onto the outsides of your feet. If it’s comfortable, rock gently back and forth. Maintain the pose for 30 seconds or a minute. You might just hear the tinkling bells of childhood joy ringing.

2.Battle Scars

Batlle Scars

Write the story of a scar you have, or of your wrinkles, or stretch marks. Describe this seeming imperfection in detail, and write out how you got it and the lessons it has taught you.

3.Harvest Happiness

Harvest Happiness

Collect images, colors, words, and phrases from magazines that remind you of happy moments and good feelings and happiness. Create collages of these impressions and post them around your house in prominent places (the refrigerator door, your bathroom mirror) or protected ones (on the inside of your closet door so you can sneak a peek each morning as you choose your clothes for the day, on the inside cover of your journal, etc.).

4. Keep Click

Keep Click

If you have a camera on your phone, snap pictures of small details from your day that you can tuck away as happy memories: the vibrant blue of a dropped glove on a sidewalk, rays of golden sunset behind a mountain of clouds, a rainbow swirl of graffiti on a crumbling building, or the first crocus at the edge of a tide of melting snow.

5.Stalking joy

5.Stalking joy

Whether you have few happy memories or photo albums stuffed with them, call the good times to mind as you lie in bed ready to fall asleep, when you’re waiting for a bus or a subway train, or while you’re on hold waiting for a customer service rep to come onto the phone line.

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